Thought of the day:

How do you react when trouble strikes at your gate and when it seems that the fog is starting to spread around you. Do you lament, having a panicked soul, or do you stand in peace in the face of trial knowing that you are not alone and that God and His Saints are beside you?

In fact, one of the most beautiful details of God’s character is to be permanently with His loved ones, with the precise purpose of offering them help, love, and compassion, but especially being to share with them His divine joy.

By carefully reading the testimonies of the prophets of old, we learn that God is a supreme being, ready to give us all His attention, love, and goodness.
He is a real God, who wants an intimate relationship with all people, a close connection and so personal that he can enjoy me and you as himself!

“The Lord your God is in the midst of your people,” said Zephaniah (3:17). He will rejoice over you with joy, he will be silent in his love, and he will not be able to rejoice over you. ”

In fact, a careful translation and correctly adapted to the contemporary Romanian language of the text presented today, proves once again His amazing goodness, because viewed through the mechanisms of the ancient Hebrew language, it acquires semantic nuances of rare beauty:

‘The Lord God,’ says the text, ‘is present in the midst of your people as a valiant man ready to help every man; He will rejoice in each of you with great compassion, and in His love He will cease from all that He does and will no longer be able to rejoice for you. ‘

Focusing on the question we started today, we can conclude the following:
So when trouble will invade your life trying to steal your peace and quiet, or when the cold mist of night will seem to dissipate from you, remember your best friend, God. He is ready to help you and will give you all that is best in His treasury of goodness.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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