Thought of the day:

Living our lives in a world of slogans and desideratum deeply ingrained in the mentality of the consumer society, we have brought ourselves into a position where it is almost impossible to discern that practical idea that defines real Christianity; a system that has become too archaic in the eyes of modern man to be a priority on the agenda.

Through its slogans, the consumer society has conditioned our minds to use idealistic clichés but without a necessary practical application.

The danger is real because it pushes us into a state of false faith in which we are often satisfied with statements that are not duplicated in practice, considering that by a simple word spoken with pathos we somehow solved the problem.

But if you want to be truly great, deepen your mind in the thoughts of the Lord Jesus, for preparing yourself to be a true man in the world of eternity from now on, you will surely be a great man down here, on the dark earth of sin. . After all, the lack of real people in these turbulent times has its cause precisely in the lacunar mentality of always aiming too close, and most often towards worthless things, in fanciful statements and not duplicated in practice.

But today you choose the status of a wise man; aim high, far to eternity! By doing so, you will surely become a noble man even down here, in this world of shadows, where you will let your belonging to heaven and eternity be felt in every word and deed.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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