Thought of the day:

Why does Christianity lose speed and why does it seem that apart from a few meaningful statements, nothing seems to differentiate us from the world in which we live?

The apostle Peter describes in simple steps the solution to this problem.

“Do your utmost to unite with your faith the deed; with deed, knowledge; with knowledge, restraint; with restraint, patience; with patience, godliness; with godliness, brotherly love, and brotherly love, love of people. ” 2 Peter 1: 5-7

Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement.

Looking through the lines, we understand the whole mechanism of transformation of the ‘believer’ from the moment he chooses to ‘believe’ God in the Word and to the point where his faith is manifested in practice, emanating on the one hand love for others. and on the other hand, obedience to the will of the Creator.

We also understand that ‘believing’ is only the foundation on which we must build our whole life step by step, working actively and without hesitation to build the edifice of righteousness, the foundations of which were laid by Jesus Christ himself at Golgotha.

By adopting such a practical but strange mentality for the great mass of the population and harshly criticized by evil mouths, we will rise above all, tasting the divine wisdom.

So meditate deeply on these tips, where you are today choose the paths of wisdom. Practice the faith and let it be seen in every word and every deed, for only by ascending to heaven step by step will you reach the top, in the blessed Kingdom of God!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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