Dare to believe

Thought of the day:

“It is good for the righteous! He will do well, for he will enjoy the fruit of his deeds. But woe to the wicked! He will be hurt, for he will reap the fruits of his deeds. ‘
We note today the simple conclusion by which the Prophet Isaiah (3: 10-11) describes the mentality that governs the life of a true believer, or vice versa, of those who choose the ways of sin.

In fact, perhaps the most beautiful principle that the Godhead has given to mankind is that by every good deed of man to bring his reward, through a mechanism of gratitude that encourages us and grows us all in the mentality of goodness, true generosity and faith.

Thus, because God is by no means just a philosophical idea meant to impress the minds of the believers (as the “enlightenment” of modern science insists and insinuates), but on the contrary, he is a real being full of love and compassion for His children. he will never leave our good deeds unrewarded; but in His righteousness he will punish and bring to justice all who practice wickedness.

This principle of reward gives us all a unique opportunity to build true treasures in heaven by practicing the works of goodness and to attract here on earth the blessing of God in all aspects and areas of our lives.

So, guarding our souls from wickedness and our feet from deceptive ways, I invite you all to choose the path of Wisdom today, showing the world the beauty and good light of Divine Justice, Love, and Righteousness, for the fruits of our good deeds will return in a moment. given back, bringing to our souls the peace and prosperity that only God can provide.

Do not forget! Our role in the world today is to show all those around us how good, beautiful, and wonderful our God is; and the rest will come naturally.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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