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Thought of the day:

One of the most beautiful gifts that God gave to man when he created him was the freedom to choose his own way and style in which to live his life.

Enchanted, however, by the tempting offers that lie everywhere ready to be tried, the man subtly changed his turn, quickly orienting himself towards the illusory happiness of the moment.

Thus listening to the whisper of sin and at the same time abusing the goodness and blessing of its Creator, he chose to walk on paths drawn sideways, even perpendicular to the laws and will of the Godhead; Pathetic paths of wickedness and hypocrisy where he quickly learned how to live immorally, then smiling ‘innocent’ to the divinity, in the hope of the armistice of forgiveness, but hiding in his soul the cursed poison of disobedience.

But when he chose to live with intensity the joy and ease of the moment to the detriment of eternity, man forgot in his ignorance that for each of us the day of judgment will come; A day set exactly in God’s great plan.

In fact, the Bible is firm on this point. I quote: ‘Rejoice, young man, in your youth, be happy with your heart when you are young, walk the paths chosen by your heart and pleasing to your eyes; But know that for all these things God will call you to judgment. ‘ I ended the quote (Ecclesiastes 11: 9)

Understanding the landmarks set by the Creator, the wise man knows that he was not, is not and will never be able to master the moment, thus choosing to look at life with vigilance, caution and respect, aware that for any whisper, word or thought he will Give an account before the divine justice.

Motivated by this thought, choose to be an Ambassador of wisdom today. Enjoy every moment but do it with reverence and respect for your God.

Make it clear in every word or behavior that you too have decided to walk the beautiful path of the mentality of Jesus Christ at the expense of the spiritual ‘mud’ that dominates today the alternative and twisted paths of postmodern society.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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