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Thought of the day:

‘Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit without fulfilling the lusts of the flesh.’ Galatians 5:16

Reading carefully and being motivated by the real desire to understand the mysteries of God, we notice today one of the most important principles of the Christian life, namely total submission under the authority of the Holy Spirit – God in God, part of the Trinity working in us and Through us, and which should be found in the thinking and attitude of every true Christian.

However, being totally subject to the Holy Spirit is a mentality that unfortunately is almost completely missing from our daily lives, although, ironically, almost all of us claim loud and clear that we practice it.
Why do I say that? Because the presence of the Godhead in our own lives should be seen naturally in our behaviors, practices and especially in our daily words, and not in any way to emerge from the pompous statements by which we arrogate unreal merits and statutes.

In simple terms we could say that a man full of the Holy Spirit will practically bring the presence of God to the place where he is; Where looking at him, all those around him can easily distinguish the peace and kindness, the meekness, and the dense and contagious joy of a real believer.

Understanding now the wonderful perspective of the divine mentality, I stop for a moment from the tumultuous running of life and ask myself in secret:

‘Am I really under the authority of God or, on the contrary, am I trying my best to impose my own will, thus living the illusion of a false holiness’?

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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