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“What could you want more than to have someone by your side with whom you can talk as with yourself?” Wrote the great Roman philosopher Cicero deeply in the pages of history – thus describing one of the most complex phenomena that defines the human being, Phenomenon that is simply called ‘friendship’.

Being eminently a social being, man will do everything in his power to position himself close to his peers, from which he will rigorously choose a select pleiad, generically called ‘friends’; Beings as sociable as he is and who are with him for better or for worse. Simple or complicated people with whom the limp being identifies and with whom he is ready to share even his most intimate thoughts.

With the modernization of the society in which we live, however, it seems that the reality of each of us has somehow changed irreversibly, suffering incomprehensible mutations a few decades ago, when ‘sitting’ seemed to be perhaps the most beautiful definition of “friendship”. And when comradeship “sincerity”,or hospitality, or humanity, could in no way be questioned.

Although, we are now masters of technologies that can unite the west with the east and the north with the south, at the push of a button, instantly putting hundreds or even thousands of people on the same thread of discussion, something seems to be no longer the case. As it once was. That simple world has been replaced by a much more complex and brilliant one, but impersonal and cold. A world in which friends, now captive on the phone screen, have somehow secretly turned into bland but carefully edited images; A kind of illusion of what we can no longer have … as we once had.

And yet, in this society of asynchronous colors, there is a kind of friendship that can still make a difference, giving us back the freedom of a real and sincere intimacy, but which few still find among the digitized thickets of the new world. It is the sincere friendship of the Creator, addressed to each of us, an unedited and untouched friendship, a friendship in which to feel again the passion of a comrade.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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