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Thought of the day:

“What is man, that thou shouldest know him, and the son of man, that thou shouldest know him? Man is like a breath, and his days are like a passing shadow”. It is the summary by which the Psalmist (144: 3-4) described in a few words the life of each of us.

In fact, worn by the inertia and speed of this world, we often forget how transient we are and especially how fragile our destiny is.

But stopping for a moment from the intense and tiring run of life, we realize that we have not been, are not and will never be masters over the ‘moments’ of our own existence, but rather actors on the stage of a play whose director looks at us Carefully behind the scenes, constantly adjusting to the roles we seem to always fail to complete.

Looking carefully at the teachings and philosophy of life presented in the Bible, we understand that a wise man should live every moment with diligence and attention to every detail, aware that life is ephemeral and can meet the Creator at any time. Or. This should in fact be the life motivation of each of us.

‘Teach us to number our days well,’ King David reminded us, ‘that we may obtain a wise heart.’

But attracted by the colorful mirage of the world, we often forget that every day lived can be the last of the string that was destined for us.  Leaving us carried in the carousel of joy and happiness for a moment. We did not realize that slowly but surely We deviate from the path of truth, heading for the abyss.

If where you are, you are now aware that at the end of life, the deeds of each of us will be analyzed and proven by the Creator himself, choose to live your day as if it were your last, because you do not know the moment. Will put before the Supreme Judge.

So be ready at any moment to meet your God with your forehead up, for the One who is coming will come and will not linger, and the righteous man will live forever only by faith.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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