Dare to believe

Thought of the day:

‘Taste and see how good the Lord is! Blessed is the man who trusts in him! ‘ Psalm 34: 8

Due to the degradation of the value system of the society in which we live, when we say or hear people talking about ‘God’, in our minds are often activated either the mechanisms of instant rejection of concepts considered rather archaic or too abstract, or acceptance But in a simplified form; A traditional and counterfeit one, adapted to the personal interests of each of us.

Returning, however, to the central idea of ​​Psalm 34, we notice how the great King David urges us to educate ourselves to look at God as He really is, and not by adjusting his image to our own preferences. Let us see him as the Creator and the supreme authority in the universe, but at the same time a sensitive person, a friend and a heavenly Father for each of us.

Analyzing it carefully, we notice that God is practically ‘goodness in its purest form.’ He is a real being defined by excellence, who enjoys the joy of a parent when we do good deeds, or is saddened when we make mistakes, thus manifesting the feelings and emotion of a loving and compassionate father for his children.

He is by no means the grumpy guardian of the universe but rather the best friend you will meet. He is the one who preferred to suffer your punishment and mine so that we humans can enjoy now and a whole eternity of life.

This wonderful God is waiting for us with open arms in His Kingdom, being ready even now to overlook our sins and sacrifice Himself, so that we may have peace.

We just have to change our simplistic perspective and open our eyes to the mind, move away from the teachings, traditions and mentality invented by people, then taste the divine goodness impossible to describe in words.
So where you are dare to believe! Make friends with the Lord Jesus and you will find true happiness. It’s at your fingertips.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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