Thought of the day:

What could be more beautiful at the beginning of a day than to have in your soul the hope of a better future and at the same time the hope that the Creator of the seen and unseen world will sit next to you. Know that He will not let the ship of your life drift, but on the contrary, will guide your direction to the peaceful oases.

In fact, it is with this thought that the Bible greets us today, reminding us that when we choose to put our trust in God, our hope will be turned into joy and happiness will become a reality.

As he wrote his well-known book, the prophet Isaiah captured the same great idea in his explanations: I trust in Him! ” Isaiah 30:18

Assimilating in ourselves this mentality that some terrible people of the ‘new times’ consider, the culmination, archaic, we will find the way to absolute happiness; detached from the thinking style of a society that cannot begin a day without trumpeting with all its might wickedness, iniquity, and sin, thus keeping its servants captive in a system of kaleidoscopic everyday illusions.

Do not forget! Although some rely on their wealth, others on their power and influence, we choose to trust in the name of the Lord, because only in Him is true power, righteousness, and truth, and only through Him can we obtain the deliverance of our souls.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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