Thought of the day:

If we look back on the history of mankind we notice with surprise that not the plagues or the terrible diseases of sin have constantly decimated humanity, not even wars or natural disasters, but always the spearhead of destruction has found its abode in the very sinful mind of man. .

This ferocious mechanism is known in the modern world as the generic name ‘stress’ or more popularly, the ‘avalanche of worries’ that grinds the fragile being inside.

I know, it sounds simplistic and for some even bizarre, but passed through the prism of a pertinent analysis, this disease of the mind proves to be the key element that puts man in an unstable, aggressive and sometimes even violent state.

However, the Word of God reminds us today that we have the real opportunity to get rid of worries and needs:

‘Cast all your worries on him, for God himself cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5: 7

By reading carefully, we learn that worries can be removed voluntarily, immediately, and completely, and only because the Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator, cares for each of His believers so that they can relieve joy and stress with peace. That surpasses any skill.

For this mysterious phenomenon to happen, we must first fill our minds with faith and love for our God, for only by trusting in Him can we overcome trial and tribulation.

So you find yourself in the miserable state of a stressed and worried man, with a heart full of bitterness and anxiety?

Fear not! Look to God with confidence, because that’s where our help comes from.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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