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Thought of the day:

One of the fundamental concerns of the human being is to find ways and principles that optimize his well-being in all areas of his existence; whether it is about increasing the quality of material life or why not spiritual comfort.

Not infrequently we have found ourselves secretly wondering how certain people have success as if they were attached to them, succeeding in everything they put in their minds, and others struggle in anonymity and mediocrity no matter what they do.

The ancient Book written by God Himself and dictated to the teachings of men, draws our attention to the secret of absolute success, namely the ‘attitude’ with which each of us approaches the world and life.

Putting before us the example of David, the great King of Israel, the Bible describes a brief sample of the mentality of a victor.

‘The Lord is my Shepherd’: I will not lack for anything. He feeds me in green pastures, and leads me to waters of rest; it refreshes my soul ‘Psalm 23: 1-3

Leaving God at the helm of your life and choosing to behave, speak, watch, and listen as He Himself would do, you will draw upon yourself all the blessings proclaimed by the prophets of times past.

By handing over control of your life to the Creator, you will no longer be hungry, you will no longer thirst, and your soul will feel the joy and freedom of salvation again.

So stay in your power! Dare to approach the God of Heaven today because only by abandoning yourself to his great goodness will you also feel the joy that only angels taste.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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