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Thought of the day:

Wanderers in a world of whims, a world that lives with the accelerator pedal pressed to the maximum, we, the postmodern believers, are more and more often confronted with the strange phenomenon of ‘selective forgetting’.

It is already well-known that we quickly forget the good aspects of life, but we keep dying to keep in the chest with memories the bad and harmful ones, which paradoxically do nothing but gnaw on our insides like the towering fan of the Orient.

May the ‘Most High’ guard you to upset someone in these dangerous times, that he will never forget you, you will even remain forever in the ‘climbing of his spiritual rifle’!

But try to do good, giving yourself with all your passion and you will see the lack of reaction of people who get lost in the spiritual fog of a society that has already reached the limit of ethical and moral subsistence.

The psychology of this phenomenon is simple and explains the cynicism that parasitized the human being; Namely, that we keep in our memory all aspects of life in which we invest effort, those with which we identify and which we consider part of ourselves; But we quickly forget those considered trivial and coming from a natural course of life.

Thus we have come to the ungrateful situation in which by absorbing in ourselves the poison of sin, we value more the evil bravado of ‘darkness’ than the goodness and magnanimity of God; A blessing that has come to be in the vision of many a mere banality.

But we should not think that way, but instead prove that we are genuine Christians, remembering that our duty as Christians is to worship our Lord and praise Him for all the goodness He has blessed us with. .

Adopting such a mentality, the whole sky will bow before the nobility of our soul, and the people around us will unequivocally notice the difference in value from the rest of the crowd. Perhaps amazed by the positive and distinguished attitude that characterizes our souls, they will also choose to follow the path to truth.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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