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Thought of the day:

What are our priorities in life? it seems to be the question behind the lines; and how much do we invest in the pleasures of a moment compared to what we give to the soul? it seems to be the continuation of the analysis ordered today by the Creator.

Living in a postmodern society interested only in the style described simply by the expression ‘here and now’, we, the contemporary believers of recent times, have inevitably become contaminated with the chaotic way of life of those around us.

Without realizing it, we have thus transformed ourselves from the people who built each day around the mentality and will of the Creator, into long-distance runners in an endless cycle of deceptions, belonging to a society that, although it wants to be ‘technologically evolved’, analyzed in detail, it quickly betrays its “social” and spiritual gaps.

But looking carefully at the message that God’s Word sends to mankind today, we understand the express requirement to submit to a short and concise analysis, while remembering how important it is to invest in eternity and not in momentary feelings.

So, like some faithful and obedient children, let us learn today that it is necessary to prioritize all aspects of our lives, following God’s prescriptions to the detriment of the calls of nature. Let us endeavor to fill our minds and souls with the Teachings of the Lord Jesus, absorbing His Word and applying it in our lives so that looking to the light that is in us, all those lost in the thick fog of sin may come. to the truth.

Wherever you are, therefore, today choose the ways of wisdom by investing in your eternity, for the riches of this world are fleeting, but the happiness and joy of the soul that delights in God are eternal!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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