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Thought of the day:

‘Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will see God, but only those who demonstrate through their daily lives belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven, doing the will of the Creator in all aspects of their lives.’

Starting from this idea, the fundamental question that each of us should ask ourselves is whether our daily life analyzed in its smallest details and components qualifies us to be truly cataloged as children of God, or on the contrary, they disqualify us and accuse us of unjustly ‘assuming’ our Christian identity.

But of course, in order to do someone’s will, we must first of all find out, accept it and last but not least, bring it to a successful end; faithfully following all the requirements and prescriptions of the latter.
Otherwise, without fully understanding the will of the Lord Jesus or without fully assuming it, we will fail in the stateless position of people who declare what they are not and proclaim what they do not actually believe.

If, therefore, looking at our own lives, we find ourselves in an inelegant position in which our words are not doubled by deeds of faith, we must try today to do everything in a different way than before.

Let us force ourselves to demonstrate our divine repentance and mentality in every area of ​​life; especially in the small and unobservable things (in those small aspects that may not mean much to any of us, but to God in fact means everything).

The key is yours! Light up the spiritual darkness around you and your life will be filled with the incomparable joy and peace that only true believers have.

Be blessed.
Pastor Florin Antonie

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