Thought of the day:

Driven by their own pride, we often find ourselves in the ungrateful situation where, like the ‘talcum merchants’, we display pomp and unnatural pride, all that we consider best in our personal collection of ‘spiritual and social breezes’.

Interestingly, when we choose to practice such behavior, we do so in order to impress others and at the same time show our superiority in a decadent world, forgetting the proverbial saying of the elders that ‘self-praise does not smell. -Ah OK’.

However, analyzing God’s Word carefully and diligently, we notice today the central element of the mentality with which the legendary King David, one of the greatest men of Israel and also of universal history, once guided his life.

‘I will boast of God with his word,’ said Psalm 56: 4.

We see that King David did not boast of himself or of his colossal fortunes, although he had enough to impress an entire world, but in the specific reverence of a man who was exposed to the truth and understood the divine nature, he found pleasure. in God, making His name the cause of his praises.

Motivated by this thought, I invite you to learn today that all that we are and all that we have at the moment in administration, is due exclusively to the will of the Creator; a unique God who has made man His trusted partner, giving each of us according to how far we can go in this world.

Thus, full of joy and gratitude, let us also make of His Holy Name the cause of our praise, joy and gladness, because it falls and because at the same time, our God fully deserves it.

Wherever you are, stop for a moment from running after self-elevation and use all the energy you have to convey all the admiration of your Creator, God.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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