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Developing our character in a society beautified down to the smallest detail and which hides its entire setting devastated by hatred, malice and sin under the bright and pastel layer of illusions, we postmodern believers have gradually adapted to the duplicitous and asymmetric makeup style. Of sin.

We therefore live in a dangerous period in which elegance and spiritual beauty have been confined to the standards of the material world, where we have artificially ‘painted’ our impotence, only to show the world through a false image of piety, which we were not. , we are not and maybe some of us will never actually be.

However, even in these times stripped of essence and over which the thick and cold haze of sin has long lain, a spiritual light shines brightly. It is the Bible, a collection chosen by teaching that reminds us that the essence of beauty lies neither in customs, nor in customs, nor in entourage and in more and more, but it lies in the goodness and generosity expressed generously to all people.

This is how God created us and this gives us the incomparable charm: Sincere goodness and manifested casually; Even if those around you will respond to such an attitude with arrogant, mocking, and wicked looks.

“But you,” the Apostle Paul exhorted us after he himself had understood the mystery of absolute happiness, “to behave in a manner worthy of the Lord Jesus to please him in all things: In the knowledge of God. ‘ Col 1:10

In fact, the main goal that the Bible sets for all believers today is to show the whole world the beauty and goodness of God expressed in our own behaviors, attitudes, and mentalities.

But let us not do it out of obligation, and not even to respect our label of heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, but because we understand that the incomparable Goodness of the Savior of the world must be shared with all our fellow men.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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