Thought of the day:

Joy is perhaps the most precious feeling of the human personality, a kind of unseen and mysterious energy that produces almost instantly in us a state of well-being so strong that it drives away the self, heals wounds and makes each individual a landmark to follow. For his peers.

But an element almost unknown to postmodern man is the fact that joy is closely linked to the attitude of being content.

I know, it sounds strange and seems out of place in the subject, but finding in every element that surrounds us (even in the less pleasant ones) the good and constructive parts for the human mind and personality, peace will spread around us and joy will sprout quickly .

Of course, here we do not bring into the equation the lusts of sin and disobedience that we know generate only a brief state of pseudo-happiness followed by an avalanche of dissatisfaction.

Returning to our subject we can say that by choosing to be dissatisfied, joy will quickly depart from us and when troubles begin to knock on our door and when the days begin to become darker than the night, we often rush to quickly blame either ‘ Fate ‘be God, accusing him of not caring for us as we would have liked; Or that it does not act according to the expectations we have of Him and of the life of faith.

But by carefully analyzing our existence in the light of all its details, we understand that from the beginning, the Godhead created a plan of well-being, joy, and happiness for every human being, but the sin we have accepted in our own lives either hinders or It delays this plan in taking effect in our lives.

Thus, if the trials of life have overwhelmed you and the darkness does not seem to move away from you, learn today to put yourself back in the hands of the loving Father of God.

Rejoice in your Creator, and He will rejoice in you, for it is written, ‘I will rejoice in doing them good,’ says the Lord, ‘I will truly plant them in this land, with all my heart and with all my soul.’ Jeremiah 32:41

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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