I run to the goal, for the prize of God’s heavenly calling, in Christ Jesus. This thought, however, should enliven all of us who are perfect (gr. We have reached maturity). ‘ Philippians 3: 14-15

Every true believer should have a goal to which he is running, approaching every second the finish line, the apotheotic end in which we will receive our due reward for our running.

So we have hope, we have a goal, we have a motivation: that in the end it awaits us with the laurels of victory in the very hand of God.

The Bible describes the feelings and emotions that every athlete has when he crosses the finish line, exhausted, after a grueling race in which he has consumed every drop of energy in the hope of getting the best position in the competition, and then waits. happy and fearlessly the medal of recognition of his merits!

Looking at this image of self-sacrifice that brings victory, I notice the great discrepancy between the mentality of a champion and the lax, often pointless, attitude of a postmodern, unmotivated Christianity.

However, the Bible motivates us to reconsider our mentality deficient in ‘spiritual lethargy’ and ‘pedestrians’ who are bored and chaotically on their way to the Kingdom of Heaven, inviting us today to change our perspective and course of action!

Faith is the vision of the Bible, an eminently active force, a constant struggle for holiness, a sacrifice to become better, cleaner, truer!

‘Don’t you know that those who run in the race all run, but only one gets the prize?’ the Apostle Paul warned us 2000 years ago

But run in such a way that you will receive the prize of the heavenly calling!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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