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If we could somehow have the opportunity to investigate in detail the mechanisms that propel humanity itself, reducing it to its very essence, we will understand that everything we end up being in this world, but especially everything we will leave behind then when we take our flight to the blessed shores of the world beyond, it boils down to the reputation we have built with hard work through our daily deeds, which are generally oriented toward others and not necessarily toward ourselves.

Following the same idea, the Wise Solomon, the legendary King of Israel of old, characterized the supreme ideal of human life with a simple and easy-to-understand desideratum.

‘A good name is more desirable than great wealth, and being loved is more precious than gold or silver.’ The Book of Proverbs 22: 1

But man is a man, and by learning the ‘crazy’ art of self-love, a science that entices us to live the moment to the detriment of eternity, he has come to the ill-fated position of an investor oriented exclusively to his own well-being.

As for us, we no longer care about others and their well-being, seeking material, intellectual, or spiritual wealth at all costs and by any means; but from a selfish and personal position.

We do not realize, however, that every compromise made in this direction carves and erodes us insatiably, out of the good name we have received through the love and goodness of the Creator; from the beautiful nickname ‘child of God’, Prince or Princess of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Understanding, then, the need to change the deficient mentality and attitude we have so much towards ourselves but especially towards others, all we have to do is motivate ourselves to live our lives in such a way that all those around us , observing our loyalty to our God and to His servants, may they also remember the divine smile and goodness when they are in distress.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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